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Past Extemp Questions

  • Extemp Questions from Clearwater, FL - 2017

Florida College Tournament—Extemporaneous Speaking Round 1

  • Should the Senate be concerned over conflict of interest issues regarding Health and Human Service nominee Tom Price?
  • Is a trade war between the US and China inevitable?
  • Will the Antonio Brown locker room video bring more unauthorized video into sports?




  • Should the House GOP’s recent attempt to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics concern citizens?
  • Is India’s end as the world’s fastest growing economy a significant milestone?
  • Were 2016’s reportedly record temperatures a cause for concern?
  • Is Betsy DeVos qualified to run the Department of Education?
  • Will China’s new investment in renewable power make it the global leader in green power?
  • Should Donald Trump be concerned about the lack of starpower at his inauguration? (Sad!)


  • Will the US Congress create a comprehensive Obamacare replacement before repealing the law?
  • How will a “Hard Brexit” affect the European common market?
  • Are the “Davos” elite out of touch?


  • Will Marco Rubio break ranks with his party and vote against Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson?
  • Is Poland the next global conflict zone?
  • Will Saudi Aramco be a major international player after its 2018 IPO?


  • Should Texas consider its own version of North Carolina’s “bathroom bill?”
  • Will other nations change their address systems to be more like the new system used in Ivory Coast?
  • Will Altaba be a powerhouse coming out of the Yahoo! acquisition?


Extemp Questions from Morgan State University - 2015

  • Was CNBC’s Republican debate a disaster?
  • Was the recent Liberal sweep in the Canadian election a triumph of liberalism or a referendum on the Harper government?
  • Are deaths from high school football injuries becoming common enough to consider making substantial changes to the sport?


  • Should the Clinton campaign be concerned that their candidate has not seen a surge in the polls following what most pundits judged to be a victory in the first Democratic debate?
  • How concerned should citizens be about the decision to open the “Doomsday” seed vault as a response to the crisis in Syria?
  • Will Venezuela’s choice to sell off its gold reserves change the price of the commodity on the world market?


  • Will outgoing Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s comments on school testing lead to a meaningful policy change?
  • Will low oil prices cause Saudi Arabia to go bankrupt?
  • How will the projected Lego shortage affect the company this holiday season?


  • Were the criticisms levied of CNBC’s moderators for this week’s Republican debate fair?
  • Does the discovery of ISIS training camps in Turkey call into question the nation’s role as a Western ally?
  • Why is the clothing retailer Gap struggling and can it recover?


  • Who is most responsible for the renegade Army surveillance blimp that crashed in Pennsylvania this week?
  • Is military conflict between the United States and China a realistic concern, given the recent US patrol of China’s artificial islands?
  • Will the World Health Organization’s classification of certain cured meats as being carcinogenic affect consumption?


  • Have Chris Christie’s presidential hopes been… derailed?
  • How do former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s recent comments about the Iraq War reframe how the war is viewed historically?
  • Will a third recall of GM cars for risk of fire harm the company’s reputation in the future?


Extemp Questions from University of Maryland - College Park, 2015

  • Will California’s new pay equity measures make a significant change in the state’s gender income gap?
  • Is the World Bank’s forecast that world poverty will soon fall below 10% a significant milestone?
  • Will the Volkswagen emissions scandal harm the long-term viability of low-emission diesel vehicles in the United States?


  • Will recent conflict over airspace create a lasting tension between Turkey and Russia?
  • Is Newt Gingrich a legitimate candidate to win the Speaker of the House Role?
  • Who should be held accountable for the loss of the El Faro cargo ship recently sunk off the coast of the Bahamas?


  • Will the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement be a defining element of President Obama’s legacy?
  •  Should the city of Montreal be allowed to dump 7.5 billion liters of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River?
  • Was the unveiling of the Tesla Model X SUV a success?


  • Are the discrepancies between Health and Human Service numbers and Congressional Budget Office estimates a positive sign or negative sign for Obamacare?
  • Has the influx of Syrian refugees into Central Europe reached a crisis level?
  • Is former CEO and founder Dov Charney to blame for the impending bankruptcy of American Apparel Inc?


  •  Is federal funding of Planned Parenthood the most divisive issue in the US House of Representatives?
  • Will the recent talks between Vladimir Putin and Elton John, brought on by the prank of Russian humorists, produce a meaningful change for LGBT rights in Russia?
  • Should the national and state authorities make online daily fantasy sports leagues illegal?


  • Is there merit to the $1,000,000,000 class action lawsuit filed against the Los Angeles public school system by its teachers?
  • Does President Obama’s announcement that he will further delay the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan constitute a failure on the part of the administration?
  • Why should or shouldn’t the general public be excited about the discovery of briny water flows on Mars?